Thoughts Of Safety

Clean Up Projects

Clean up your roadways and be safe in the mean time. Be seen while picking up trash by wearing a reflective, brightly colored safety vest. Protect your hands from sharp edges like glass and aluminum cans with heavy duty safety gloves. Keep the air you are breathing free of fumes and allergens with a vented respirator that will also keep you cool. And keep the rain at bay with a handy poncho.

Rain suits

Has it been raining so much that you feel like you are stuck in the middle of a rainforest during monsoon season? Well you can stay dry with a 3-piece rain suit! This suit contains bib coveralls with elastic straps, a durable raincoat with storm fly front and nonconductive snaps, and a detachable hood. The sturdy construction resists tears, abrasions and snags to keep you protected.
Plus, keep your feet and shoes dry with slush boots. These boots are designed to wear over your shoes, just add two sizes to your normal shoe size (men's sizing) when ordering. These boots are also great in the winter when walking through snow and ice.

PVC Rainsuits
3 piece Rain suit 35mil
Yellow Slush Boots with Black Sole


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